A Loan or Cash Loan for Any Purpose up to 200,000. PLN – 10 years

A loan or a cash loan for any purpose in the bank. Check – Compare – Choose. You do not have to go to a bank to get acquainted with bank offers. Below are loans and cash loans.

With a cash loan, if you borrow a larger amount, the bank requires a surety or bill of exchange. With smaller loans and loans, banks usually do not require special security. Repayment of a cash loan is spread over several, several or several dozen installments, depending on how much for which period we borrow.

Cash at hand? Cash loan in 15 minutes? Not with a bank loan. The bank must examine our creditworthiness and credibility. Such slogans usually appear in relation to non-bank loans that are not loans.

A loan or cash loan for any purpose

A loan or cash loan for any purpose

Cash loans: the latest review of bank loans and cash loans. With every bank you can contact online via the contact form on the website – a bank adviser.

The difference between a loan and a loan in a bank. The loan is granted for a specific purpose, eg purchase of a car, flat, purchase in installments, which is included in the contract. The loan, on the other hand, can be used for any purpose, eg a loan for the renovation of an apartment and the purpose is not included in the contract.

Mostly, however, we do not face a dilemma: a loan or a cash loan for any purpose, because most of the banks’ offers are loans.

Do the regulations specify the maximum loan cost? No, but there are some limitations. The maximum interest rate can not exceed 4 times the lombard rate of the National Bank of Poland and currently is 10%. At the cost of the loan, however, it does not only consist of nominal interest, but also several other elements, such as a commission or, for example, a fee for processing the application.

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